Virtual Hip Replacement Simulator for 3D Printed Implants

Authors: Vaughan, N. and Dubey, V.N.

Start date: 9 April 2017

Volume: 3

Issue: 11

This research presents a virtual reality simulator for total hip replacement surgery. The simulator supports a library of 3D hip stem models for different sizes and manufacturers. The 3D hip stems can be adjusted in size and shape by parametric software and sent for 3D printing. Biocompatible materials such as titanium enable the 3D printed stems to be directly implanted on patients. Currently surgical simulation for orthopaedic procedures is not as advanced as other surgical disciplines. As a result there are only limited training simulators available for orthopaedic surgery such as total hip replacement, hip resurfacing or knee replacement. This is demanding since 66,000 hip replacements are performed annually in the UK.

One area which is neglected in VR orthopaedic simulation is the digital library generation of implants. Currently orthopaedic surgeons have limited choice in terms of an exact identification of implant specific to patient requirements. We conducted a literature review of orthopaedic training simulators which found no simulators catering for this.

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