Reverse engineering of rule-based systems

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Authors: Bouchachia, A. and Wakounig, D.

Editors: Zhang, K., Spanoudakis, G. and Visaggio, G.

Journal: SEKE

Pages: 45-50

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Authors: Wakounig, D. and Bouchachia, A.

Journal: 18th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, SEKE 2006

Pages: 45-50

ISBN: 9781627486606

This paper is concerned with comprehension of legacy rule-based systems (RBS) It shows how static analysis stemming from reverse engineering techniques can be applied in discovering the models underlying RBS A theoretical background of the approach is presented before a prototype called RETOTS is briefly described To evaluate the approach, RETOTS is applied on real-world legacy RBS and various aspects are discussed.

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