Automatic sub-event detection in emergency management using social media

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Authors: Pohl, D., Bouchachia, A. and Hellwagner, H.

Editors: Mille, A., Gandon, F.L., Misselis, J., Rabinovich, M. and Staab, S.

Journal: WWW (Companion Volume)

Pages: 683-686

Publisher: ACM

ISBN: 978-1-4503-1230-1

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Authors: Pohl, D., Bouchachia, A. and Hellwagner, H.

Journal: WWW'12 - Proceedings of the 21st Annual Conference on World Wide Web Companion

Pages: 683-686

ISBN: 9781450312301

DOI: 10.1145/2187980.2188180

Emergency management is about assessing critical situations, followed by decision making as a key step. Clearly, information is crucial in this two-step process. The technology of social (multi)media turns out to be an interesting source for collecting information about an emergency situation. In particular, situational information can be captured in form of pictures, videos, or text messages. The present paper investigates the application of multimedia metadata to identify the set of sub-events related to an emergency situation. The used metadata is compiled from Flickr and YouTube during an emergency situation, where the identification of the events relies on clustering. Initial results presented in this paper show how social media data can be used to detect different sub-events in a critical situation. Copyright is held by the International World Wide Web Conference Committee (IW3C2).

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