"I say tomato, you say tomato". Is Autoethnography Auto\Biography by any other name?

Authors: Chapman, J.A. and Collard, S.V.

Conference: Winter Auto/Biographical conference. Auto/Biographical Methodologies

Dates: 16 December 2016


This paper provides the basis of a debate between the established field of Auto\Biography and the emerging genre of Autoethnography.

Judith originally undertook research using a medically orientated, quantitative methodological framework. Through ancestral biographical explorations she discovered the use of the Auto\Biographical approach that has enabled her to scrutinise her personal experience of undergoing knee surgery. This narrative was generated to explore and emphasise the personalised and compassionate care offered by Physiotherapists in a protocol driven, ward environment.

Sarah describes her journey into the field of Autoethnography which enabled her to explore her identity as an aspiring Olympian runner following the diagnosis and ongoing effects of Epilepsy. This personal study made her more aware of the ability of this approach in facilitating a path to acceptance of her diagnosis and enabling others to see themselves within her story. This led her to undertake her PhD exploring the psychosocial impact of exercising for other sportspeople with epilepsy. These stories will be underpinned by acquired theory regarding the two genres and the methodological approaches used for each resultant study.

The floor will subsequently be opened to the audience to debate the similarities and differences between the two genres.

Source: Manual

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