Monitoring nearshore processes and understanding significant coastal change using x-band radar

Authors: Atkinson, J., Esteves, L., Williams, J.J., Bell, P.S. and McCann, D.

Editors: Aagaard, T., Deigaard, R. and Fuhrman, D.

Start date: 12 June 2017


Pages: 1506-1517

Remote sensing through X-band radar can provide wave and current parameters and bathymetric maps in a 4-km radius from a land-based deployment. This paper explores the use of radar to monitor changes in nearshore bathymetry at Thorpeness, Suffolk, UK. The method presented enables significant nearshore changes to be identified based on the analysis of standard deviation of sediment volume. Seasonal changes in bathymetry can reach 4 m but depths tend to be consistent in each season. A storm power index was calculated for periods of time preceding the significant changes in bathymetry. Results indicate that impact on the nearshore is not directly linked to storm power. Storm clusters and antecedent nearshore conditions seem to be important factors, as larger volume changes were measured as a result of the first and smallest storm of a cluster.

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