Towards the Requirements for a Context Aware m-Learning System

Authors: Davies, P., Newell, D., Sharma, M., Moore, P. and Austin, R.

Start date: 22 April 2013

System requirements for an adaptive, mobile, virtual m-Learning environment have been elicited. Theories of ontology modeling are developed, so that an adaption engine, which uses explicit and implicit knowledge held in a student profile model, can be proposed. The context in which learning occurs is shown to be represented by a set of functions that are contextually dependent on learning modeled as a multi connected ontology. The evaluated prototype implementation is a partially context aware m-Learning presentation system. It is concluded that the mobile virtual learning environment is beneficial to achieving improving programme outcomes, mainly for students who learn according to the heutagogic model. Further work is underway to capture m-Learning requirements better suited to students employing the pedagogic learning model.

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