Chaos and coalescence i the narratives of hardship: A new pedagogy for social work (Invited keynote)

Authors: Ashencaen Crabtree, S.

Conference: Building Peace Through Knowledge

Dates: 12 February 2015-13 February 2013


In this workshop I approach what appears to be hugely challenging difficulties for human service provders in Palestine from a position of ignorance - but with humble eagerness to listen attentively and to learn from those engaged in these barely imaginable daily struggles. In respect of such narratives we pose the question of what meanings social work and social workers construct from these in creating a form of praxis that more effectively engages with oppression - and thereby offers more effective support. We question whether narratives of hardship can move from separate examples of chaos and turmoil, merely heard of as remote news items, to coalesce into a new form of social work conscientization, to borrow Paolo Freire’s famous terminology from Pedagogy of the Oppressed. We wish to explore the idea of a renewed, collective commitment to fighting for social justice, which would undoubtedly challenge normative ways of seeing/doing in many countries (as enacted in the UK, for instance) but which does not shy away from being overtly politicised and a robust practice of ethics in action.

Source: Manual