Independent Midwives’ Utilisation of Intuition as an Authoritative Form of Knowledge

Authors: Fry, J.

Start date: 9 August 2016

Intuition is a potentially useful form of knowledge. It has been advocated that intuition in midwifery can shape clinical judgement and consequently facilitate safe, individualised care. There is however, a dearth of research exploring the nature and use of intuition in midwifery in the United Kingdom (UK) and its use has been marginalised in health care due to its lack of rationality in a paradigm that prioritises evidenced based care. Utilising a descriptive phenomenological approach a cohort of independent midwives were interviewed. Findings have provided more transparency to the phenomenon intuition and its utilisation as a form of authoritative knowledge in midwifery. This has created the potential for the enhancement of individualised care for women receiving maternity provision and the identification and development of midwifery practice knowledge.

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