Embodiment and humanisation: reflections from midwifery

Authors: Fry, J. and Hall1, J.

Start date: 29 June 2017

Background: this presentation has been co-created from a joint concern for the humanising of midwifery care for women. Humanisation of care has extensive historical roots within midwifery on a national and international basis. Embodiment as a form of midwifery knowledge encapsulates humanised care through its connection between the woman and midwife.

Aim: to explore the concepts of humanisation and embodiment within midwifery practice Method: this discussion is underpinned by a phenomenological study exploring intuition within independent midwifery practice Findings: Embodiment as a form of midwifery intuition encompasses specific and vague forms of bodily and emotionally sensed noticing Conclusion : Continuity and humanised care are requisite to utilise embodiment

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