Identifying best practice in British seaside resort regeneration

Authors: Chapman, A. and Richardson, L.

Conference: ATHE Annual Conference 2017: New approaches to Tourism Learning in Higher Education and Research on Coastal Tourism

Dates: 6-8 December 2017


The decline of British seaside resorts as tourism destinations has long been established. More recently, there has been a plethora of regeneration initiatives to provide social, economic and environmental benefits to residents and to rejuvenate the resorts as attractive tourist destinations.

This paper aims to identify a range of tourism regeneration project critical success factors in order to develop a framework for best practice within seaside resort regeneration. In-depth interviews were conducted with senior personnel from ten regeneration projects/initiatives in UK coastal resorts and critical success factors were identified in each project. The framework for best practice in British seaside regeneration projects focuses on several categories of critical success factors: Industry, strategic, environmental and temporal critical success factors which were considered before, during and post-regeneration. The best practice framework can be used as a toolkit for future seaside regeneration projects.

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