The development and implementation of a computer-based learning package in archaeology

Authors: Martlew, R.D. and Cheetham, P.

Editors: Huggett, J. and Ryan, N.S.

Start date: 23 March 1994

Journal: Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology 1994

Volume: 600

Issue: BAR International Series

Pages: 27-30

Publisher: Tempvs Reparatvm

Place of Publication: Oxford

This paper describes Archaeology at Work, one of the computer-based learning packages which has been developed under the auspices of the Teaching and Learning Technology Programme (TLTP). The aims and background of the TLTP have been discussed elsewhere (Martlew 1994); the project discussed here is a new version of a package which was originally produced for English Heritage and the National Council for Educational Technology (Martlew 1989). The package is written in Authorware Professional, for use with Windows on IBM compatible computers with SVGA standard graphics, and will be supplied through the TLTP as a run-time module.

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