Case Study: Student experiences of interacting with simulator dolls to assist understanding of the effects of alcohol and drug abuse on prenatal development.

Authors: Hussain, H. and Pourzanjani, P.

Editors: Jessop, T. and O'Beirne, R.

Start date: 22 June 2018

Journal: Dialogue Solent University Journal of Learning and Teaching


Place of Publication: Solent University

Students starting on their higher education journeys at universities globally face the issue of becoming part of a new social scene which may involve drugs, alcohol and new sexual experiences. This project’s main objectives were to use creative pedagogy to engage SSU Level 4 Psychology students about the impact of risk taking behaviours on foetal development. We use an interactive Drug Affected Simulator doll (DAS) and a non-interactive Foetal Alcohol Simulator doll (FAS) to increase student perceptions and understanding of the negative impact of drugs and alcohol on pre-natal development.

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