Making discoveries through research: midwifery students' perceptions of their role when caring for pregnant women who misuse substances: neonatal simulators as creative pedagogy

Authors: Cescutti-Butler, L. and Hussain, H.

Start date: 5 May 2020

Background: There is minimal research involving undergraduate midwifery students interacting with neonatal simulators as creative pedagogy. Objectives: Midwifery students to interact with Foetal Alcohol and Drug Affected neonate simulators as a means of co-constructing knowledge around the effects of substance misuse during pregnancy and postnatally. Design: Qualitative Study setting and participants: Level 4 student midwives from a UK University in the South West of England. Methods: A taught session on protecting the unborn environment; interaction with the neonatal simulators; planned activities Results: Three broad themes: Kinaesthetic Learning, In Their Shoes and Midwifery Role in Educating Others. Conclusions: Students as ‘researchers’ emphasized the importance of interacting with the simulators as creative pedagogy as a method for enhancing their knowledge and as a means of building ‘new knowledge’. This research has helped bridge the disconnect between teaching, research and practice as students were able to reflect on their future roles as midwives

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