Virtual reality as a teaching tool in engineering & design

Authors: Koohgilani, M. and Glithro, R.

Journal: Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education: Towards a New Innovation Landscape, E and PDE 2019

ISBN: 9781912254057

DOI: 10.35199/epde2019.98


The paper discusses the use of virtual technology as a teaching aide as well as a communication tool for the new generation of students who not only have a passing interest but also will feel the benefits that the system will bring to new global designer/engineer. The aim has been to immerse the designer into the world around him and let him/her learn about assembly and manufacturing in a very new way. This will enable us to tap into the group projects and allow a more virtual interactive process. A world full of possibilities where the academic and the student are truly interactive. New innovative teaching pedagogies and techniques are created which should help improve student experience and recruitment in the long run.

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