A finger mechanism for adaptive end effectors

Authors: Dubey, V.N. and Crowder, R.M.

Journal: Proceedings of the ASME Design Engineering Technical Conference

Volume: 5 B

Pages: 995-1001

DOI: 10.1115/detc2002/mech-34317


This paper presents design and analysis of a rigid link finger, which may be suitable for a number of adaptive end effectors. The design has evolved from an industrial need for a tele-operated system to be used in nuclear environments. The end effector is designed to assist repair work in nuclear reactors during retrieval operation, particularly for the purpose of grasping objects of various shape, size and mass. The work is based on the University of Southampton's Whole Arm Manipulator, which has a special design consideration for safety and flexibility. The paper discusses kinematic issues associated with the finger design, and to the end of the paper specifies the limits of finger operating parameters for implementing control laws.

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