Quantitative Measurable Concepts to Visualize Business Process Improvement

Authors: Fakorede, O. and Davies, P.


Start date: 18 September 2020

Business process improvement evaluation enables performance indicators to be used alongside process improvement techniques in order to quantitatively compare measurement information between the as-is and to-be processes. Limitations of the present methods of business process improvement indicate there is scope for looking at the problem in a different way. Business processes are commonly modelled as diagrams which at their fundamental level are complex networks. This suggests the question as to whether complex network analysis (CNA) has anything to contribute to business process improvement. We develop a technique of projecting a business process model onto the sub-space of a complex network and identify the measurable concepts that can be useful in business process improvement. The measurable concepts from CNA are combined with Time and Cost metrics from the simulation technique to visualize and track improvement efforts and satisfy improvement requirements.

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