Open Platform for Rapid Prototyping of Smart Environment Applications

Authors: Malhi, A. and Apopei, V.

Journal: 2022 International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, IWCMC 2022

Pages: 865-870

ISBN: 9781665467490

DOI: 10.1109/IWCMC55113.2022.9825006


The popularity of home automation has been rapidly increasing in recent years due to higher affordability and simplicity. Today, IoT platforms are vertically oriented and often still closed systems. To enable interoperable interaction with those platforms, we present a home automation system based on open standards enabling IoT peer-to-peer communications. The multiple platforms in multiple IoT applications have been connected using this system. The idea is to enable an open ecosystem by considering standardized communication interfaces to allow real-time data exchanges across platforms and systems. In this work, we perform smart home prototyping and enable device interaction for data sharing and real-time accessibility using any device.

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