Wellness at work: profile of employees in Botswana

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Authors: Gbadamosi, G.

Editors: Kaynak, E. and Harcar, T.D.


Start date: 1 July 2009

Pages: 496-505

Publisher: IMDA

This study investigates awareness and understanding of wellness, health consciousness, personal well-being, gender differences, health improving activities and employer assistance desired by employees. Survey data was obtained from 523 randomly selected employees from 52 participating organisations in Botswana. Overall, the findings indicated that respondents have good awareness and knowledge of health promotion. Respondents indicated that training supervisors to address employees’ concerns, more open communication, providing or supporting recreational or exercise programmes and other health benefits are effective ways to jump-start improving the health process. Potential benefits of the study, management implications of findings and limitations were also articulated.

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