Why Select and Remain in my University: Re-examining Higher Education in South Africa

Authors: De Jager, J.W. and Gbadamosi, G.

Editors: Signe, S.

Conference: Global and Local Dynamics in African Business and Development, IAABD 2008 Proceedings

Dates: 20-24 May 2008

Pages: 189-196


Tertiary institutions have a major role in providing relevant education that best meets the needs of the various constituencies served. To meet these needs an assessment of factors that influence their choices becomes imperative. As a result of the governments' policy to transform higher education in South Africa and the challenges brought about by globalisation and internationalisation, tertiary institutions are facing new challenges. Attracting quality students in a highly competitive education environment is crucial as the numbers of students' dropping out especially call attention to wastage in government funding. This paper examines some of the criteria used by South-African students, when choosing or evaluating a tertiary institution. The main findings include a significant positive link among trust in management, satisfaction with transport, perception of readiness for change and overall satisfaction with the university. These variables have indirect relationship with satisfaction with transport and living arrangement of students. Practical implications, limitations and suggestions for future studies were articulated.

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Preferred by: Gbola Gbadamosi