Money profile and related ethical conduct in a non-Western context

Authors: Gbadamosi, G.

Editors: Kaynak, E. and Harcar, T.D.

Conference: Fifteen World Business Congress, (IMDA)

Dates: 18-21 June 2006

Pages: 375-382

Publisher: IMDA


This study examines demographic profile to gain understanding about ethics and corruption perception in Botswana. Usable survey data were collected from 297 respondents (public and private sectors) using self-administered questionnaires. Results indicated significant and positive correlations among money ethics, corruption perception and attitudes towards business as well as some support for the money ethic scale. Job level and citizenship emerged significant predictors for corruption perception, while type of organisation was the only significant predictor for attitudes towards business. Respondents indicated a generally low to moderate rating for their perception of corruption in Botswana. Limitations include: self-selecting sample of organisation which is a potential impediment for generalization; while the cross-sectional nature of study also hinders drawing strong conclusions.

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