Would employee performance evaluation influence their commitment? An exploratory investigation

Authors: Gbadamosi, G.

Editors: Kaynak, E. and Harcar, T.D.

Conference: Global Business: Coping with Uncertainty, International Management Development Research Yearbook, Vol. XIII, Proceedings of the Thirteenth World Business Congress, (IMDA)

Dates: 14-18 July 2004

Pages: 140-144

Publisher: IMDA


This study explores the influence of performance appraisal discomfort and beliefs on three facets of organisational commitment. Data was obtained from a sample of public sector employees in Botswana, with a total of 188 usable questionnaires returned. Results indicated positive and significant correlation between performance appraisal discomfort and beliefs. Furthermore, normative commitment was positively and significantly related to performance appraisal discomfort, while both continuance and normative commitment were positively and significantly related to performance appraisal beliefs. The study established that performance evaluations influence organisational commitment and that respondents generally expressed low levels of discomforts and strong performance appraisal beliefs. Managerial implications of findings were discussed; the study's limitations and areas needing further investigation were also identified.

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