Measuring ethics and corruption perception in Botswana

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Authors: Gbadamosi, G.

Editors: Boyacigiller, N. and Kiyak, T.

Start date: 10 July 2004

Publisher: East Lansing MI: Academy of International Business

In an effort to gain some understanding about ethics and corruption perception in Botswana where little previous research has been conducted, this study sets out to examine some ethical measures. Using questionnaires, usable data was collected from 297 respondents in the public and private sector. Results indicated significant intercorrelations among a number of the study variables especially with the ethical measures. It also gave some measure of support for the money ethic scale. Respondents indicated a generally low to moderate rating for their perception of corruption in Botswana. Management and policy implications of the findings, limitations of the study and suggestions for future studies were also highlighted.

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