Employee commitment and trust in management as correlates of charlatan behaviour and performance in Swaziland

Authors: Gbadamosi, G., Oni, F.O. and Ndaba, J.

Editors: Delener, N. and Chao, C.

Conference: Global Business and Technology Association – GBATA

Dates: 8-12 June 2004

Pages: 293-299

Publisher: GBATA


Organisations depend on their employees for success and hence promote a culture of loyalty, while also realising that employee commitment is imperative for optimum performance. The study seeks to explore the relationships among employee commitment, trust in management, charlatan behaviour and performance. Data was collected by a survey using a sample of 250 public sector employees in Swaziland. Result indicated an inverse relationship in employee commitment, trust in management, work experience, level of education on one hand and a tendency to display charlatan behaviour on the other hand. A significant positive relationship between trust in management on one hand and affective and normative commitment was also found. However, trust in management was inversely related to continuance commitment, while job performance was negatively related to most of the study variables. Managerial implications of the findings were also highlighted.

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