Shape a Language for IFS

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Authors: Sarafopoulos, A.

Editors: Beckmann, A., Cardelli, L., Cooper, S.B., Copestake, A., Holm, B., Hyland, M., Löwe, B., Pauly, A., Pitts, A. and Dawar, A.

Start date: 18 June 2012

Journal: Abstracts of Informal Presentations

Pages: 121

Publisher: CiE

Place of Publication: Cambridge

Shape is a language for controlling agents designed to represent geometric transformations of compact subsets in a metric space. Shape provides a spatial reasoning framework which allows agents to take decisions based on the structure of their surrounding metric. Like biological cells, these agents can subdivide and replicate creating new transformations and new subsets, while their control program or "genetic code" is written in Shape. Shape is demonstrated on the inverse problem for Iterated Function Systems (IFS) fractals. Shape provides a useful computational framework for studying development of fractal structures, as well as a novel indirect representation for spatial generative model.

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