The Redactor

Authors: White, N.


Artist Publication. Printed for and commissioned by Antony Hudek for the exhibition 'The Incidental Person' at Apexart, New York, 2010.

One of a series of artist publications produced by Office of Experiments. The publication represents research into autonomous forms of research and individual artists dealing with research outside of institutions. In many cases this work seeks to examine information that has been censored or redacted, generating speculation and evidence as it does so . Artist were selected on the basis that they create their own structures - such as Rich Pell and his Center for Post Natural History. Office of Experiments is another example of this. Other featured researchers were involved with Office of Epxeriments own research projects and occupy a contested space between official research and secrecy. All have questioned the authenticity of institutions in relation to knowledge and the work is set in the context of institutional critique.

The research reflects Whites work as a former Director of O+I, the group which took over from the Artist Placement Group and on whose ideas Antony Hudek used for the exhibition 'The Incidental Person'.

Source: Manual

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