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Visiting Fellow Darko Maricevic

  • dmaricevic at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
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Journal Articles

  • Wicks, K., Finlayson, B., Maričević, D., Smith, S., Jenkins, E. and Mithen, S., 2016. Dating WF16: Exploring the Chronology of a Pre-Pottery Neolithic A Settlement in the Southern Levant. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society, 82, 73-123.
  • Finlayson, B., Mithen, S.J., Najjar, M., Smith, S., Maričević, D., Pankhurst, N. and Yeomans, L., 2011. Architecture, sedentism, and social complexity at Pre-Pottery Neolithic A WF16, Southern Jordan. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 108 (20), 8183-8188.
  • Mithen, S.J., Finlayson, B., Smith, S., Jenkins, E., Najjar, M. and Maričević, D., 2011. An 11 600 year-old communal structure from the Neolithic of southern Jordan. Antiquity, 85 (328), 350-364.



  • Maričević, D. and Sofaer, J., 2018. Creativity in middle and late bronze age bird-shaped and bird-ornamented ceramic objects in the carpathian basin and the lower Danube region. Creativity in the Bronze Age: Understanding Innovation in Pottery, Textile, and Metalwork Production. 177-189.