The Wager

Authors: White, N., O'Connell, T., Andrews, S. and Kay, E.

The evening of events is based around The Wager, set in the Hand (formerly Latham's studio), and is a performance and tribute by artist Neal White to John Latham.

The 'Wager' was conceived by John Latham with Neal White in 2005, and has been executed in 2009 by artist/lawyer Sarah Andrew with further assistance from the Noa Latham. Although technically a wager based on the notion that Flat Time Theory can be proved or disproved, it has been reduced to a legal bet, and welcomes challengers to provide evidence for or against these ideas, laid down in Latham's publications 'Time-Base and Determination in Events' (Stadtische Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, 1975) and 'Event Structure: approach to a basic contradiction' (Syntax, Calgary, 1981). The Wager also places the intuitive position (the Incidental Person) and the theoretical assertions of Flat Time, against a contemporary backdrop of economic crisis, fiscal turmoil, and uncertain futures based on economic projections. As a performance, the format becomes the theory itself, playing on the idea of time as a single moment; causing us to re-evaluate our idea of events and event structures. It's reasonable to assume that Latham would have been compelled by our contemporary moment: it draws attention to the way in which his ideas can be used to critique the wider performance of a society based on only one kind of value.

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