Space on earth station.

Authors: White, N., Ion, S. and Ingvil, A.

Start date: September 2006

Collaborative research project with Danish Architects, N55. Commissioned by The Arts Catalyst. Funded by Arts Council, England. This project continued an enquiry through collaborative practice into relationship of sites and methods of research in the visual arts and science. It investigated possibilities for practice-based models of knowledge transfer in terms of living structures, social regulatory structures, environmental impact of housing and scientific analysis of environmental locations. Architectural modules were developed over two years, and built in Denmark and London respectively. The installation at Camden Roundhouse, London, consisted of four modules, one was made in London by students at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication. Additional artists joined the final project form the UK and Germany, giving the project international co-operative members. The physical research outcome included a vast image acquired through NASA Mars Rovers. Developed alongside an online community based open source website, that allowed users to add comments and post proposals. This was developed as a method for further disseminating the outputs of the project and engaging researchers, artist and others early in the cycle of the project. Other dissemination included an artist talk at the parallel Space Soon conference, Camden Roundhouse and a series of media interviews

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