Limitations Permitted

Authors: White, N.

Start date: 21 June 2009

Commissioned by Em Druiff of the University of Arts, London, funded by Arts Council England and Southwark Council.

Between 2007-9, White worked with O+I as a Director. This project directly related to the legacy of both O+I and their forerunner Artist Placement Group. Utilising a platform for social engagement on Peckham Square, White and Luksch researched the implications of the Human Rights Act for local bye-laws that govern the use of public space. Situating the research on Peckham Square, a publication and kiosk by White/Office of Experiments allowed members of the public to engage with material produced by the artist. Luksch created films with local Media group and these were made available in a 3d viewer inside the kiosk. White worked with Marsha Bradfield, PhD Student at Chelsea to create a Field Guide to Unpermitted Events. Interpretations of bye-laws were rendered as a field guide based on the design of a bird spotting book with a critical essay by Bradfield. See Separate Entry. A public talk; Civil Liberty and Art was held inside Peckham Library with Peter Bradwell, DEMOS and members of UAL and Southwark Council to discuss the implications of the work, and critical discourse on rights and use of public space. As a positivist intervention into the performance and regulation of public space the project used the model of artist placement within the topological framework of the space as both regulatory and phenomenological, to seek to question the way in which policy comes into place and to examine alternative voices within this process.

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