KIMA: The Voice at By Other Means

Authors: Gingrich, O., Emets, E., Renaud, A. and Negrao, D.

Dates: 8-18 June 2018


KIMA: 'The Voice' invites the audience to experience the sound through their voices expressed visually. The audience will produce a sonic and visual composition finding resonance in their voices. The project draws on the growing discourse of social, political, physical and spiritual power of the voice in the arts, and proposes and immersive, direct experience of creating a vocal sonic composition supported by artistic visual expression. The audience is invited to explore the phenomenon of resonance physically and sonically through their own voices, and conceptually through co-creating a composition in real time.

We create experiences on the intersection between art and technology. Our mission is to reflect on the nature of perception, exploring the relationships between sound, colour, light, movement and form. Our participatory art fills the gap between performers and audiences, enabling them to question their senses and the boundaries of perception.

Source: Manual