Procession to the Private Sector: a surrealist film scenario by David Gascoyne: a version for radio

Authors: Street, S.

The last of six experiments in creative radio. `Procession to the Private Sector'. The first production of a surrealist film scenario written in 1936 by the poet David Gascoyne, the most prominent ENGLISH writer of that movement, and rewritten by him in the 1980s after the manuscript was found in the British Library. Adapted as a `film for radio' by Sean Street, with new music by John Surman, it features Simon Callow as the Camera. The story - of the vicissitudes of a pair of lovers - springs from a dream of Gascoyne's and is dramatised through symbol, myth and startling imagery. NB for the repeat - In commemoration of poet David Gascoyne, who died late last year, another chance to hear his surrealist `Procession to the Private Sector' in a radio adaptation by Sean Street

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