The Colour of Sound

Authors: Street, S.

Three shorts: 'Listening to Lists', 'The Colour of Sound' and 'In a Child's Ear' 1. 'Listening to Lists' examines how writers artists and film-makers have used lists in their work. Includes interviews with poet Don Paterson, artist Emma Kay who reconstructs epic historical, geographical or fictional stories entirely from memory, and Peter Greenaway, director of the films 'Goole by Numbers', 'Drowning by Numbers', '1 - 100' and '26 Bathrooms'. 2. 'The Colour of Sound' Composer Jonathan Harvey, painter George Dannatt and poet and academic Sean Street help Peter White, who has been blind from birth, to consider how he perceives colour based on sound and music. 3. 'In a Child's Ear'. Poets and aurologists examine how babies make sense of the cacophony that greets them when they leave the womb.

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