Radio Tarifa Calling

Authors: Street, S.

For half an hour Radio 3's frequencies are borrowed by another station - Radio Tarifa.

Tarifa is the southernmost village in Spain and clearly visible from its shores are the mountains of Morocco. For 15 years three musicians Fain S.Due?as, Vincent Molino and Benjamin Escoriza have been exploring the origins of Spanish culture - the music of the medieval Moors, the chansons of French troubadours and the poetry of Sephardic Jews, as well as Flamenco. They took their name from a radio station which would, if only it existed, broadcast this music. In Radio Tarifa Calling that station comes on the air.

Tuning in to concert and studio recordings, interviews and readings, from anonymous romances about the Moors to Lorca, these musicians build a radio montage exploring their identity.

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