The Goldberg-Condition. More to see than to be seen

Authors: Stutterheim, K.

Editors: Stutterheim & Bolbrinker Gbr

Emanuel Goldberg was one of the most influential researchers, inventors and managers within the field of modern media of the 20th century. His extraordinary faith was interconnected with photography, research of reception, printing, microphotography, history of documentary film, and the optical industry of Israel. Anti-Semitism in Russia made him migrating to Germany where he fell in love with Sophia, a Zionist studying music in Leipzig. They married, and he became director general of the company Zeiss Ikon international respected. 1933, he was kidnapped and nearly murdered, just rescued because of his international reputation and importance for the company. In 1938 he laid the foundations for the optical industry in Israel when he started his optical laboratory in Tel Aviv, that time Palestine; working for the British Mandatory and the Haganah. His daughter, family members and experts are remembering him, his personality and his work. Our film brings back a Jewish scientist who nearly was made forgotten.

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