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Guy Thompson

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A driven and highly regarded consultant, who has acquired extensive experience in delivering key business solutions within leading organisations on a multi sector basis and overseeing complex auditing activities, utilising expertise across large global projects. An individual with a wealth of exposure who excels in driving success, across all areas including information security implementation, financial analysis, and project management, now looking to use key skills and vast experience to enhance any forward-thinking organisation.

Current research interests lie in the field of investigating the new digital environment exploring the exploitation of the technology by businesses and individuals to evade UK legislations that govern Corporate Taxation.

My future research plans reside on building upon the foundations of my MBA thesis by investigating how the digital era has created dynamic Internet and technologically dependent societies, mutating the metaphysical construct of the human mind.


  • MBA in Business Administration (University of Lincoln, 2014)
  • BA (Hons) in Business Management (2012)