Collaborative ‘science of science’ needed to ensure research and education make a difference to practice

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Authors: Sheppard, Z., Hundley, V., van Teijlingen, E. and Thompson, P.

Publisher: The London School of Economics and Political Science. The Impact Blog.

There has been much recent interest in ‘impact of research’, what it means, why we need it, and how we measure it. Much of this has focused on academic research, driven by the need to include impact case studies within submissions to the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF). However, the impact of education and practice is also of significant importance. In October 2014 the Centre of Postgraduate Medical Research and Education hosted a symposium exploring issues around impact. The event brought together academics, researchers, and clinicians working in healthcare to hear from a range of presenters. A combination of local and national speakers shared their views on impact in their professional and disciplinary areas.

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