Eating Disorders, Dramatherapy and Susie Orbach

Authors: Paglioni, M.


Up to 80% of women in western society suffer from “subclinical” eating disorders – meaning that they are not perceived severe enough to be a definite diagnosis. This is a significant figure, showing that the lives of almost all western women are constantly affected by an accentuated preoccupation with weight and food intake, even if not at a clinical level.

As a Dramatherapist, I am always aware that an eating disorder is a metaphor, it is an unconscious way to keep on telling something, a drama ‘played out’ with the unconscious hope that, one day, someone would listen and see. Susie Orbach wrote about this for the first time at the end of the 70’s in a book which revolutionised the way people looked at eating disorders.

Source: Manual

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