3D Printing of Body Parts is Coming Fast but Regulations are not Ready

Authors: Mendis, D. and Santos Rutschman, A.

Publisher: The Conversation


In the last few years, the use of 3D printing has exploded in medicine. Engineers and medical professionals now routinely 3D print prosthetic hands and surgical tools. But 3D printing has only just begun to transform the field.

Today, a quickly emerging set of technologies known as bioprinting is poised to push the boundaries further. Bioprinting uses 3D printers and techniques to fabricate the three-dimensional structures of biological materials, from cells to biochemicals, through precise layer-by-layer positioning. The ultimate goal is to replicate functioning tissue and material, such as organs, which can then be transplanted into human beings. This article considers whether the regulations are ready to deal with the legal and ethical issues in light of this advancing technology.


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