"Charred Apples": In Bronze Age Burials and Settlement and an Anglo-Saxon Settlement at Claypit Lane, Westhampnett, West Sussex by A.M. Chadwick

Authors: Allen, M.J. and Chadwick, A.M.

Journal: Sussex Archaeological Collections

Volume: 144

Pages: 39

ISSN: 0143-8204


Evaluation and excavation revealed slight evidence for Mesolithic activity, an Early Neolithic pit and Late Neolithic pits, one of which included the remains of apples and sloes. As well as an Early Bronze Age cremation burial, three Middle Bronze Age ring-ditches and six associated burials were found. A Middle to Late Bronze Age settlement, one of the first found on the West Sussex Coastal Plain, contained several placed deposits and an important pottery assemblage. Two Anglo-Saxon Sunken Featured Buildings also add to the growing evidence for that period on the Coastal Plain.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Mike Allen