Interactive shadowing for 2D Anime.

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Authors: Sugisaki, E., Tian, F. and Seah, H.S.

Journal: Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds

Volume: 20

Pages: 395-404

ISSN: 1546-4261

DOI: 10.1002/cav.306

In this paper, we propose an instant shadow generation technique for 2D animation, especially Japanese Anime. In traditional 2D Anime production, the entire animation including shadows is drawn by hand so that it takes long time to complete. Shadows play an important role in the creation of symbolic visual effects. However shadows are not always drawn due to time constraints and lack of animators especially when the production schedule is tight. To solve this problem, we develop an easy shadowing approach that enables animators to easily create a layer of shadow and its animation based on the character's shapes. Our approach is both instant and intuitive. The only inputs required are character or object shapes in input animation sequence with alpha value generally used in the Anime production pipeline. First, shadows are automatically rendered on a virtual plane by using a Shadow Map1 based on these inputs. Then the rendered shadows can be edited by simple operations and simplified by the Gaussian Filter. Several special effects such as blurring can be applied to the rendered shadow at the same time. Compared to existing approaches, ours is more efficient and effective to handle automatic shadowing in real-time.

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Authors: Sugisaki, E., Seah, H.S., Tian, F. and Morishima, S.

Journal: Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation

Volume: 20

Pages: 395-404

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