DBSC-Based Gray Scale Line Image Vectorisation

Authors: Melikhov, K., Tian, F., Qiu, J., Chen, Q. and Seah, H.S.

Journal: Journal of Computer Science and Technology

Volume: 21

Pages: 244-248

ISSN: 1000-9000


Vector graphics plays an important role in computer animation and imaging technologies. However present techniques and tools cannot fully replace traditional pencil and paper. Additionally, vector representation of an image is not always available. There is not yet a good solution for vectorizing a picture drawn on a paper. This work attempts to solve the problem of vectorizing grayscale line drawings. The solution proposed uses Disk B-Spline curves to represent strokes of an image in vector form. The algorithm builds a vector representation from a grayscale raster image, which can be a scanned picture for instance. The proposed method uses a Gaussian sliding window to calculate skeleton and perceptive width of a stroke. As a result of vectorization, the given image is represented by a set of Disk B-Spline curves.

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DBSC-Based Grayscale Line Image Vectorization.

Authors: Melikhov, K., Tian, F., Qiu, J., Chen, Q. and Soon, S.H.

Journal: J. Comput. Sci. Technol.

Volume: 21

Pages: 244-248

DOI: 10.1007/s11390-006-0244-0

Source: DBLP