What Memory Strategy is Best for Examinations in Psychology?

Authors: McDougall, S. and Gruneberg, M.

Journal: Applied Cognitive Psychology

Volume: 16

Pages: 451-458

DOI: 10.1002/acp.800


This study examines the memory strategies used by psychology students during their finals examinations. The strategies used, as evidenced by exam plans at the front of their answers, were related to actual examination performance. The results of the present study showed that, when students' worst marks were considered, those not showing evidence of having used any strategy performed significantly worse than those using a strategy. The strategy which involved listing researchers names proved to be better than a no-strategy approach. However, when students' best marks were considered, no differences were apparent in examination marks as a result of the strategies which students employed. This suggests that the type of strategy used is more important when students' knowledge of a topic is weak in comparison to when students have a good knowledge of a topic area.

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