ESPbase: a Microsoft Access Tool for Selecting Symbol and Icon Sets for Usability

Authors: De Bruijn, O., McDougall, S. and Curry, M.

Journal: Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers

Volume: 31

Pages: 479-486

ISSN: 0743-3808


The ESPbase provides a tool for storing symbols and icons along with information about their characteristics. Information about a wide range of symbol characteristics is included on the database to facilitate the selection of symbol sets for research and design. The database includes information about the graphical characteristics and functions of symbols. It also includes ratings of symbol concreteness, complexity, familiarity, and meaningfulness. Symbols and icons can be accessed on the basis of each of these characteristics or any combination of characteristics. This makes it easier to select symbols on the basis of usability and design requirements. It also means that symbols can be easily selected for research while controlling their characteristics on a number of dimensions.

Source: Manual

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