Multi-connected ontologies

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Authors: Davies, P., Newell, D., Davies, A. and Karagozlu, D.

Journal: CoRR

Volume: abs/1112.6090

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Authors: Davies, P., Newell, D., Davies, A. and Karagözlü, D.

Journal: MMEDIA - International Conferences on Advances in Multimedia

Pages: 29-36

ISSN: 2308-4448

Ontologies have been used for the purpose of bringing system and consistency to subject and knowledge areas. We present a criticism of the present mathematical structure of ontologies and indicate that they are not sufficient in their present form to represent the many different valid expressions of a subject knowledge domain. We propose an alternative structure for ontologies based on a richer multi connected complex network which contains the present ontology structure as a projection. We demonstrate how this new multi connected ontology should be represented as an asymmetric probability matrix.

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