A comparison of the Turbohaler with a standard metered dose inhaler in elderly subjects with normal and impaired cognitive function

Authors: Allen, S.C. and Zaman, S.

Journal: Journal of the Hong Kong Geriatrics Society

Volume: 10

Pages: 75-77


Summary We studied the ability to learn metered dose inhaler (MDI) and Turbohaler* techniques in 30 inhaler-naive elderly subjects with normal, borderline or abnormal scores on the abbreviated mental test (AMT)(I 0 in each group). All ofthose with a normal AMT (>7) were able to learn the Turbohaler technique and 8110 reached a competent MDI standard. None of those with an abnormal AMT (<7) was able to learn the MIDI method and only 3 /10 could master the Turbohaler. However, of those with a borderline AMT of 7 only 2 /10 learned the MDI method while 9 / 10 were able to use the Turbohaler (p<0.05). In a parallel study of 16 elderly patients with asthma or COPD and normal AMT scores we showed that the Turbohaler technique was generally better retained than the MDI method atfollow up.

Furthermore, in a group of seven elderly asthmatic subjects with an AMT of 6 or 7 (mild or borderline impairment) who were unable to use an MDI, all were able to learn to use the Turbohaler with standard training and reinforcement , four retained an adequate technique onfollow up and afurther two improved with additional training. We have demonstrated that the Turbohaler is a suitable choice of inhaler devicefor elderly patients with a normal or mildly impaired AMT score.

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