Influence of microstructure on axial strength of unidirectional continuous fibre reinforced aluminium matrix composites

Authors: Long, S.Y., Beffort, O., Flower, H.M. and You, L.H.

Journal: Materials Science and Technology

Volume: 16

Pages: 806-810

ISSN: 0267-0836


Systematic empirical investigations on the relationship between microstructural features and mechanical performance of unidirectionally reinforced continuous fibre Al matrix composites (CFAMCs) carried out by the present authors in recent years are summarised. The employment of a high strength matrix alloy and the development of a strong fibre/matrix interface are beneficial to maximise the strengthening effect of the fibre reinforcement. Processing defects, such as second brittle phases in the matrix, non-infiltration defects, matrix solidification shrinkage voids, excessive interfacial reactions, the presence of reaction products on the interface, weak interfacial binding, and excessively high fibre volume fraction reduce composite strength to different extents via a number of different mechanisms. Criteria for the microstructure design of CFAMCs for optimum fibre strengthening efficiency are proposed

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Preferred by: Lihua You