Gendered discourses of coping strategies and perceived cultural challenges for low-income Pakistani families in Hong Kong, SAR

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Authors: Ashencaen Crabtree, S.

Journal: European Journal of Social Work

ISSN: 1369-1457

DOI: 10.1080/13691457.2010.485931

This paper discusses findings from a small scale qualitative study of low-income Pakistani families resident in Hong Kong, SAR. The greatest assistance for most families was access to the State benefit system. Yet this was also viewed in ambivalent terms when interpreted within a traditional and gendered discourse revolving around challenges to patriarchal authority. State benefits were viewed as an attractive, if subversive resource for women seeking greater autonomy, particularly in cases of domestic violence. Life in Hong Kong was regarded as contributing to a perceived erosion of Pakistani cultural and religious attitudes that could lead to family dysfunction.

Keywords: Pakistani, Hong Kong, State benefit, gender, religion, culture

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