Travel medicine services from community pharmacy: Evaluation of a pilot service

Authors: Hind, C., Bond, C., Lee, A.J. and van Teijlingen, E.

Journal: Pharmaceutical Journal

Volume: 281

Issue: 7530

Pages: 625

ISSN: 0031-6873


Aim: To evaluate a pilot of a community pharmacy-based travel health and vaccination service. Design: A self-completed questionnaire. Subjects and settings: Two community pharmacy pilot sites: one in Aberdeen and one in Aberdeenshire. All patients who attended the pharmacies fortravel advice and services were asked to participate. Results: The median score for the overall service was 10 (interquartile range 9-10). 98% of respondents (n = 84) would use the pharmacy service again and 81.4% thought the pharmacy service provided value for money. Most clients were travelling on holiday and some found the community pharmacy could provide a more convenient venue and appointment times. Only a small number of clients had needed to be referred to other travel health providers, eg, Grampian NHS Travel Clinic. Conclusion: The pharmacy travel health service was well accepted by patients and met their needs. Most patients believed the community pharmacy service provided value for money.

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