DLC thin film behaviour during multiple-cycle repeating nano-indentation

Authors: Faisal, N.H., Ahmed, R., Fu, Y.Q., Hadfield, M. and Alhoshan, M.

Journal: WIT Transactions on Engineering Sciences

Volume: 76

Pages: 43-54

ISSN: 1746-4471

DOI: 10.2495/TD120041


The aim of this investigation was to understand the localised failure behaviour of diamond like carbon (DLC) thin film during multiple-cycle repeating nanoindentation. The film investigated was 100 nm and 500 nm thick sputtered coated on two Si (100) wafers of 500 m thickness. Multiple-cycle repeating nano-indentation tests under diamond Berkovich and conical indenters were performed using a calibrated NanoTestTM at different load ranges between 0.1 mN and 200 mN. Each multiple-cycle nano-indentation test was conducted for a total of 20 cycles with the same load in each cycle at the same location. The shape of the indenter test probes, pre-existing residual stresses in films and indentation loads were critical in inducing the localized indentation stress leading to failure. Test results indicated forward deviation and backward deviation in force-displacement profile. An elastic finite element model during nano-indentation loading indicated that this was caused by the location of maximum stress near the interface. © 2012 WIT Press.

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