Temporal constraints of the word blindness posthypnotic suggestion on Stroop task performance

Authors: Parris, B.A., Dienes, Z. and Hodgson, T.L.

Journal: Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance

Volume: 38

Issue: 4

Pages: 833-837

ISSN: 0096-1523

DOI: 10.1037/a0028131


The present work investigated possible temporal constraints on the posthypnotic word blindness suggestion effect. In a completely within-subjects and counterbalanced design 19 highly suggestible individuals performed the Stroop task both with and without a posthypnotic suggestion that they would be unable to read the word dimension of the Stroop stimulus, both when response-stimulus interval (RSI) was short (500 ms) or equivalent to previous studies (3500 ms). The suggestion reduced Stroop interference in the short RSI condition (54 vs. 6 ms) but not in the long RSI condition (52 vs. 56 ms), and did not affect Stroop facilitation. Our results suggest that response to the suggestion involves reactive top-down control processes that persist only if levels of activation can be maintained. © 2012 American Psychological Association.

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